PM 4000 PM 3000 PM 5000 PM III plc 984
5418 Jahnke Rd
Richmond VA 23225
(804) 230-3749

Eaton Cutler Hammer owns trademark PanelMate

EXCHANGE of Touchscreen 120vac Cutler-Hammer PanelMate 5000.
Just remove 3 screws to swap the CPU card and keep your program.
That's it. You're up tomorrow. Guaranteed or your money back.

Cutler-Hammer Panelmate Power Pro PMPP 5000
5785K 5785K-AC 92-02024-00 5785T 5785T-AC 92-02025-00
2-year warranty, $2200.00 total flat-rate

55STH, MM-PM50-4T0, 55PT, 55PTH, 55PTHX PM 5000 POWER SERIES,
overnight exchange, 2-year warranty, $2200.00 total flat-rate,

32-01472-00, 91-00986-00, 92-01649-02, 92-01661-02, 92-01823-02,
overnight exchange, 2-year warranty, $2200.00 total flat-rate,

92Y01823-05, 92-01823-05, 92-01825-05, 92-01850-05, 92-01855-00,
overnight exchange, 2-year warranty, $2200.00 total flat-rate,

Others: 1 day turn-around
Others include MM-PM50-400, 52PKHX PM 5000 POWER SERIES (120vac),
and 5285K, 5485K, 5485T, 5585K, 5585T PM 5000 POWER PRO (24vdc)
and may be repaired immediately here, not overnight exchange. 

You might consider buying a used one from someone else
and download the backup file you saved using the
Configuration Editor or Transfer Utility (and cable p/n 0518)
from the Eaton site. Not quick nor easy.

How much life is left in a used one?
I replace all of the small components which gradually wear-out,
not just the light bulbs and fans. It will last a long time.
I treat you the way I'd want to be treated if I was down now,
and didn't want to be down again for at least several years. 

call (804) 252-0464 any time

or e-mail 

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